About Laughshots

LaughShots is not a boring photobooth or backdrop that sits in the corner. Your event is the backdrop so everyone can watch and join the fun. Our wide lens can capture any size groups, and the big LED monitor stands 7’ tall so everyone can look up and see the outrageous photos as they are taken. We are professional photographers that engage with your attendees and make sure every shot looks great!

Our onsite photos print in seconds and everyone gets a copy branded with your event name. Also all the photos are available on our website after the event with free downloads.

Optional Services:
We offer the following services with our studio:
-Unlimited 4x6 photos during your event
-Instant web uploads to Facebook or our site
-Custom themed props
-DVDs of your event
-Embossed elegant folders
-Scrapbooks featuring photos and guest pages
-Video footage of guest commemorations

We can customize any of our services to meet your needs.